• A- Reasons Behind the Miracles and the Spiritual Sessions:


I- Dr. Dahesh clarified the goal of the occurrence of miracles and the spiritual sessions as follows:
The proof to the existence of the Spirit can be realized by anyone who attends a Spiritual Session that I hold. During the Session, a Spirit will take on a human form, where it would be possible to communicate directly back and forth with it and without any pretense or mystery. The Spirit can transgress the laws of nature and perform miracles as a proof of its existence. Let us suppose that you have a watch that you can identify, and you left in your home. During a Spiritual Session, you can ask to have your watch brought to you. Your house could be in America, China, Cairo, or Beirut, for distance is irrelevant. The response is amazingly fast and in less than a second, the watch can be on your wrist. This is an irrefutable physical proof that cannot be denied.
If the person attending the Spiritual Session is Christian, his faith in his Gospels is solidified. If he is a Muslim, his faith is increased by what was inspired in the Qur’an. If he is a Jew, his faith in the Torah becomes stronger, and so on with other faiths. The purpose of the Spiritual Session is to help people return to their religious faiths and to practice righteousness and decency. This would be a victory for the Spirit over materialism in an era where materialism has dominated the minds. Spiritual Sessions are not constrained to this miracle, but rather, numerous miracles can happen that would strengthen the faith of those attending. For example, you can bring with you from home a plate that you normally use for meals. When the Spirit takes on a human form, you can ask it to have the plate be transmuted from porcelain into wood. While holding the plate in both of your hands, the Spirit would transmute it immediately into wood. This plate remains a wooden plate for days and years. You could have asked the Spirit, instead, to have the plate be transmuted into iron and the change would have taken place immediately and you’ll notice its weight increase while holding it in both of your hands. Likewise, you could have asked the Spirit to change the plate to any material you desire, such as lead or crystal and the transmutation will take place immediately and with ease.

II- In response to the question: “Given your supernatural abilities, you can become emperor of the world. You could change thousands of plates into gold and become the king of kings with unlimited wealth”, Dr Dahesh answers:

Just remember what the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John say about Christ and his disciples when they became hungry. They were poor and had no money to buy food, so they would go to the fields and pick ears of wheat. Do you think that Christ, who miraculously fed a crowd of five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fish, could not have easily created money to give to his disciples to buy food? Absolutely not, he could have easily done that and had he did, Christianity would never have emerged. People would have said that his disciples followed him because he showers them with money. The disciples were meant to suffer, led by their master. They would face hunger, lack of clothing, torture, and struggle, so that each one of them earned the rewards of his extensive struggle. For instance, if you are attending a Spiritual Session and asked to have a plate be transmuted into gold, the Spirit would tell you to pull a nail from the wall, instead, hold it tight with your hands and while holding it, it will turn into a golden nail that you can take to any jeweler and be assured that it is truly gold. Miracles take place to bring faith into the hearts and not for personal materialistic gain. That is, the miracle does not occur so that the person comes out happy with what he saw, but rather, that he entered as an atheist and exited believing in the Day of Reckoning and in God.