• B- How Miracles Happen:


I- In response to the question: “Is it possible to submit to the occurrence of miracles, as religious faith dictates and the adherence to scientific facts about the laws of nature, without finding ourselves in a contradiction?”, Dr. Dahesh answers:

The contradiction will certainly occur if we attribute the miracle making to any individual living on this planet. Miracles violate the laws of nature that apply to all creatures. We will have contradiction if we attribute the violation of the laws of nature on a certain planet by one of its inhabitants. Thus, if someone predicted the occurrence of certain events 20 days into the future and we believed such a story, then we will be in contradiction with the laws of nature. However, we will not be in contradiction, if the Spirit took over the Prophet Elijah and made him predict, in details, what will be the outcome of a group of people in 20 days, because the laws that apply to human beings do not apply to the Spirit. It is written in the Qur’an “But a day for your Lord is like a thousand years of what you reckon.” (The Pilgrimage/Al-Hajj: Verse 47)

II- In response to the question: “Daheshists attribute the miracles that you perform to a Spiritual power that takes you over from time to time. Then the miracle is essentially the influence of a Spiritual Power over matter. How then can the effect of something over another of a different nature be explained in a logical and reasonable way? Knowing that there is a soul in every human being, how does the Spirit take over you?”, Dr. Dahesh answers:

Past researchers were off target when they classified the forces in the Universe as either matter or Spirit. In doing so, they have set the stage for matter to have a separate existence and different nature from that of the Spirit. This classification caused matter and Spirit to be contradictions that do not interact. To tie the contradictions in man, they resorted to unsubstantiated and made-up explanations. However, the logical weakness of such explanations created an opposite effect, which is the emergence of modern materialistic philosophical movements that reject the existence of the Spirit.
The truth is, what we call “matter,” be it a stone, a plant, an animal, a human being, or anything else, is nothing but a perception of a form that our senses detects directly or through instruments. The perception of this form has no material existence at all—even at the atomic level— because it is relative and alters according to the changes in the senses detecting it. For example, the volume, form, strength, and temperature of a one cubic meter rock is limited by the composition of your sight and touch senses. If there is a change in the composition of the two senses, the visual form changes in volume, strength, and temperature. Suppose your eye lenses are different in composition and are closer to that of a microscope with a magnifying power of one million, you will see things a million times larger than what you would normally see. Or, suppose your vision has this composition and you happen to be an alien from a different planet, the rock will appear to be totally different from the way human beings view it, not only in terms of volume and size, but also from the exterior form that your eyes were able to detect. You would see in the rock precise cavities, tiny lines and curves, dirt, and colors. To you, the rock would seem huge and transparent—a form not familiar to the human naked eye. The rock would appear to you like a great transparent cloud and anything near it would seem to be like mist or clouds. In this manner, you can imagine how strange things would look like if your senses have changed in composition.
Modern scientists starting with Einstein have confirmed the relative aspect of matter; however, Daheshism realized this truth through Spiritual Knowledge. Other truths have been realized through Daheshism that science has not been able to realize just yet. In brief, what is called “matter” is nothing but a temporary relative “material” existence, but has a hidden, non-material power, which is the quintessence behind all being. So far, science has not been able to understand anything about this non-physical existence that form the entire universe, except for its magnetic and electric powers.
However, these powers are nothing but the active components of what Daheshists call “Sayyals,” (plural of Sayyal) which means “Spiritual Fluids”—the Spiritual component that is transmitted throughout the entire “material” universe. Through these “Sayyals,” the Spiritual Powers that exist beyond the material world combine with the “material” powers. There are variations in “Sayyals,” that can be categorized as lofty or degraded and stronger or weaker in active power. When a miracle takes place, a Spiritual Power acts on another, which is also “Spiritual,” but has taken a form relative to the human senses in a certain “material” structure.
As to the Spirit, it is an active and aware divine energy that has no “material” form. In this meaning, it only exists in its World, which is beyond all galaxies. It is created by God’s Order. For this reason, the Qur'an says: “And they ask you about the Spirit. Say: The Spirit is of my Lord’s command, and you have not been given except a little knowledge.” (Sourat Al-Isra’/ The Night Journey: Verse 85). In this sense, a human being is not inhabited by a Spirit, but rather, his body is made of several “Sayyals”—Spiritual radiant energies that correspond to a slower frequency specific to a physical form on Earth. This condensed form is what we call “matter.” These “Sayyals,” in their Spiritual essence and their corresponding lower frequency “materialistic” form, are the cause of the psychosomatic unity in human beings. In addition, these “Sayyals” are not only applicable to human beings, but rather to all existence. The commonality of atomic components unveiled by science that form humans, animals, plants, and inanimate objects, is nothing but a manifestation of these Sayyals that form the entire universe.
It was revealed to us through the Spirit, that the diversity in objects and creatures, in their structure and nature, is due to the diversity in the Sayyals that form them, so that they are gentle or harsh, strong or weak—in other words; according to their Spiritual elevation or degradation. If the Spiritual explanations that Daheshism provides become dominant, they can globally turn our scales, values, and the way we view things, upside down. Because the fundamental reference point in explaining and evaluating issues, principles, and things, would be, Spiritual. There is no doubt that the Spiritual explanations that Daheshism provides and scientific facts are in agreement. Since Daheshism, through Spiritual revelation, attained insight into certain matters well before scientific discovery, however, it is possible through continued research that scientists reach the same conclusions, if they are allowed to.

III- In response to the question: “What is your explanation of how the elements of one object are transmuted into different elements?”, Dr. Dahesh answers:

We asked the Spirit about how such a transmutation can take place and it explained it as follows: The (sub-molecular) structure of each object corresponds to a specific frequency that determines its characteristics (signature). Wood has a certain frequency, iron has another, steel has yet another, and so on... For example, when you ask me to transmute an ashtray from wood to metal, I change the frequency of the wooden elements to match those of the desired metal and as a result, the transmutation takes place.