Magazine Al-Usboo’ Al-Arabi

Report on the Healing of Elie Maalouf

This article appeared in Al-Usboo’ Al-Arabi Magazine (Arabic week magazine), issue 310, May 17, 1965.


This Child has been Healed from Paralysis and Insanity!



Dahesh: “I have asked for a Spiritual Assistance
for him and the miracle took place!”

“Dr. Dahesh saved a child from the approaching sickle of death…it is a fascinating thing and a phenomenon that transgresses the laws of nature and proves the spiritual abilities of Dr. Dahesh…”

Dr. Farid Abu-Suleiman continued his story by whispering to the editor-in-chief so that the story is kept from other editors who have congregated in the conference room…every once in a while, he looks at them in doubt to make sure that none of them managed to eavesdrop on the conversation.

In a matter of minutes, the Daheshist doctor sneaked out of the offices of the Al-Usboo’ Al-Arabi Magazine, so that it can publish the details of this unique incident. I ran after him seeking the truth…I saw the child that was spared from the grave…and I talked to his mother, grandfather, and the doctor that treated him…at last…I talked to Dr. Dahesh himself, who performed the miracle.

Let us go back a year in time…to March of 1964. The child Elie Maalouf has been living with his grandfather, Elias, since his mother left Lebanon to join her husband who lives and works in Saudi Arabia.

On one morning, the child woke up and went to school even though he was not feeling well and walked with heavy steps. He came home in the afternoon and went straight to bed without talking to anyone and without having anything to eat. He remained in this condition until the morning of the following day. Elias Rubaiz, the child’s grandfather, said: “we didn’t think much about it and we thought his sickness was just the beginning of a cold that will soon subside and the child would be up and about.” However, we were surprised in the early morning hours of the third day, when Elie sat in his bed and requested a glass of water. His aunt brought him a glass of water and as soon as she approached the bed that the glass fell from her hand and she produced a scream that summoned everyone in the house.

It was a horrible scene…the child was lying down on the bed with his body as stiff as a statue, his eyes wide open, his mouth twisted, and his hair stood up like nails. I then tried to lay his head down on the pillow with difficulty. It was hard to believe that a single vein in his body remained unfrozen—as if it is a piece of meat in a freezer. I picked him up and took him to the clinic of Dr. Jameel Malek and from there to St. Theresa’s hospital in the Al-Haddath neighborhood. Examination and analysis results indicated some sort of a condition in the head and must be placed in the care of a specialist. He was transferred to the Hotel Dieu hospital where a specialist treated him for two weeks. The child was in his white gown receiving medicine either from the mouth or intravenously at a cost of hundreds of Lebanese Pounds and without showing any signs of improvement. Since the medical treatment had failed, we had no choice but to take him home.

Elias would move his hands and face in emulation of his grandchild’s daily seizures that took place around noon time: he opens his mouth, screams hysterically, moves his hands in the air as if he is trying to fend off an attack, then he becomes quiet and undergoes a deep sleep.

Message was sent to his mother requesting her return from Saudi Arabia. She had no idea the extent of his condition and couldn’t believe that he is experiencing seizures, during which he goes through a fictitious fight with an invisible foe—this is the son she left behind in good health, energetic, and active. Nawal Rubaiz, the mother, says:


The Child's Mother

“I wept as soon as I saw him. I would lie down next to him and stare into his face fearful and not knowing what to do. Even if I wanted to do something, I couldn’t, because I was drained out of energy and a black cloud seems to block my vision.

What had happened to him? Was it because of a condition that his grandfather failed to detect and now I have to pay the price for a regret that eats into my heart? Minutes passed…the child with his rosy cheeks is lying calmly on his bed and I am next to him with a stiff face not aware of the presence of anyone or anything that goes on around me. In an involuntary movement, I passed my hand over his face. His eyelids opened as if he is regaining consciousness, however, he screamed hysterically with tears coming down from his eyes and saying: “please forgive me Ms. Siham.” Siham is his teacher at school.

I tried to hug him in order to calm him down and to comfort his heart, however, my attempt increased the extent of his seizure, to the point of him biting me—as if he is a rabid dog. He then started to moan—as if he is being lashed—lost consciousness, and then slept—as if he is dead.”

The mother continued her story saying:

“It seems that Siham, his teacher, was hard on him and everyone became a Siham in his view—even myself. His situation continued to deteriorate and reached a dangerous level. He couldn’t stand on his feet and during his seizures he can only move his hands—as if life has left his lower body and remains only in his arms in preparation for the final departure.”

His grandfather continues the conversation:

“When we lost hope in the possibility of finding a cure through medicine, we resorted to an alternative treatment—although I didn’t believe in it, however, we had no choice. It is just like a drowning person looking for a straw to hold on to. We carried him to the caves of charlatans (psychics) thinking that he is “possessed by the devil” and that his problem is not stemming from a medical condition. The first charlatan (psychic) failed, so did the second, and the third claimed to read through water and is able of telling the cause of his ailment and the method of treatment needed and that he can also perform exorcism…however, exorcism failed and the child was not healed. The fourth charlatan (psychic) said: I will give you a prescription that casts away the evil spirits and purify your home from all kinds of blue and red jinn, male and female alike, however, you must head to the market immediately—addressing the child’s mother—to look for the largest porcelain dish you can find and avoid haggling with the merchant—even if he asked for it 1,000 LL.”

The child’s mother brought the porcelain dish to the charlatan in accordance to the dimensions and the description that he had indicated for her. He wrote on the dish certain phrases and asked her to throw it in the sea in a particular place and time that he had set for her [so that he can furtively pick it up later]. He assured her that her child’s healing will happen through him and that the writing he had placed on the plate will shake the evil spirits and defeat all the jinn.

The child’s grandfather says:

“I executed the orders of the charlatan and threw away the plate in the sea in the specified place and time and then returned home waiting for the transformation in the jinn kingdom to take place and anxiously awaiting the healing of the child through the work of the agents of the devil who communicated through the language of incense, spices, and perfumes.” However, nothing happened and whatever effort we spent in time and money went to waste…We remained with the child, who got caught up in a worsening spiral for many days and where had visited death several times.

“All of a sudden, it occurred to me to bring the child to Dahesh on a hope that he can help us. I carried him on a day where his situation was at its worst and stopped by the church of Saint Elias [Elijah] to pray for him before Dr. Dahesh sees him.” The grandfather became emotional and with dramatic movement of his hands and with tears in his eyes said: “I felt compelled to enter the church carrying the child on my arms and I shouted as loud as possible “Please, St. Elias, show your miracles, because we are entitled to them.” I then couldn’t control myself and I broke down crying.”

He stopped the storytelling briefly and continued when he had calmed down:

“From the church, I headed directly to the residence of Dr. Dahesh along with my daughter—the mother of the child—and we knew that Dr. Dahesh will refuse to see us, so we waited near the door hoping for a visitor to come and we can enter right behind him. What we thought would happen did happen and when the red metallic door opened, we pushed through our way to the inside carrying the child wrapped in a blanket and we requested a meeting with Dr. Dahesh—who had no choice but to see us due to our insistence. After seeing the child and hearing the story of his ailment, Dr. Dahesh stood up and walked to the adjacent room where he brought a yellow piece of paper that he burned with its smoke rising to the face of the child.

We returned home in disbelief that smoke from a piece of paper will bring back life to a body after it had started to leave it, however, in a matter of hours, the miracle took place and the child regained his consciousness, stood on his feet, walked through the room, laughing and playing as if nothing had happened.”

This is what the family of the child said and Dr. Dahesh continued the last part of the story:

“About a year ago, Mr. Elias Rubaiz and his daughter came to see me carrying the six-year-old child and it seems that the situation was Spiritually expected, so I wrote on a piece of paper a special Ramz [a prayer and an offering] requesting Spiritual Assistance for the child and burnt it near the child’s face. His grandfather then carried him and left. I had no idea as what ever happened to the child and if he was healed or not…However, after a year, the mother of the child came in person to tell me that her child was healed due to the Spiritual Assistance that I had requested for him.”