• C- Evidence of the Occurrence of the Miracles:


1- It is a known fact that the courts—Penal and Civil—exercise authority to pass a verdict which may entail the sentence of death upon a person's life if supported by concrete evidence or a few witnesses. If we were to compare this with Dr. Dahesh's miracles, we find that thousands have confirmed the authenticity of these miracles and among them were attorney generals, judges, brilliant lawyers, well known physicians, men of letters, university professors, and Journalists of different nationalities and yet what do we have as a response? Is this huge number of witnesses not enough to awaken the living conscience of the world and to let the stout noble head stand and declare the great spiritual truth in a thundering voice to the whole world?

It should be noted, also, that among the witnesses are hundreds of men of integrity and character who are well reputed and highly qualified and who preferred persecution, imprisonment, dismissal of their official posts and various other sufferings to giving up their beliefs in a truth that touched their hearts. Among these many distinguished witnesses: the great lady of letters, Mrs. Marie Haddad, ex-president of the Syndicate of Artists, Mr. Dimitri Hayek, former attorney general of Beirut, Mr. Halim Dammous, a poet of renown fame, Mr. Yusuf al Hajj orator and man of letters, Dr. Khabsa and Dr. Farid Abu Sleiman, two well-known physicians of widespread fame who had sacrificed and suffered for their beliefs.

If scientific facts are to be doubted, and no merit is to be given to the deeds and conduct of qualified scientists, what on earth will then make us believe in thousands of scientific facts which people hold as true. Who can claim for example, that he has personally measured the velocity rate of light or that he has verified the internal structure of the atom with his own eyes, or that he has traveled in space between the stars and the planets, or has gone deep exploring the depth of the seas revealing their hidden secrets and acquainting himself with all the scientific facts which he has accepted without any further argument.

What is it that makes us believe in the miracles of Christ although we did not witness one; even the historians and the opponents did not relate any of these miracles. The only knowledge we have of them is intimated by a few who affirmed their veracity after having eye-witnessed these miracles or had heard about them.

The sound logic which invites us to accept the scientific facts is the same logic which impels us to believe in the miracles of Christ. For those who had witnessed them and had borne testimony in their favor, had excellent qualifications and were men of character and integrity.

When we do come to account for Dr. Dahesh's prodigies, the evidence verges as well on dead certainty. The testimonies that admitted to their validity reach up to thousands. They had been confessed by his opponents and followers alike, and by a majority who are both qualified and sound minded.

There were even photographers who took pictures when miracles took place and made it a point to keep those photographs as a permanent evidence of his miraculous performances. Many an atheist came out of his house converted into a believer in God and his prophets without any discrimination. Many a stickler came out to approve the veracity of these miracles. But there are also a few with deviated hearts, blind eyes and hired mercenary pens who preferred falsehood to truth, not realizing that falsehood cannot last long.