Testimonial of Tanius Majdalani

Testimonial of Tanius Majdalani

      This testimonial appeared in Al-Lewa’ Magazine (Lebanese magazine), issue 111, February 19, 1965.

      Barbers are the best storytellers! What stories should we expect from Dr. Dahesh’s personal barber? Read his story to hear about strange things that can only be imagined!

      Tanius Majdalani is a known barber in the Mazra’a neighborhood of Beirut, near the house where Dr. Dahesh used to live in. He has been the private Barber to the renowned man of spirituality since 1938. Because of the long-term relationship between them, we contacted him to gather information on the supernatural performances of Dr. Dahesh. He talked to us about many of the things he saw and the spiritual phenomena that took place while being with Dr. Dahesh. The following are some of his most important testimonials:

      The necklace of Marie Riashi:

      The known barber said:

      This event took place in early 1944, when on one morning, the great writer Iskandar Riashi visited Dr. Dahesh accompanied by Mounir Taqey Eddine, our current Ambassador to Sudan and both witnessed supernatural events. At that time, Dr. Dahesh used to live in the Mazra’a neighborhood of Beirut. Based on the things she heard from her husband, the wife of Iskandar Riashi visited Dr. Dahesh accompanied by a relative. At that time, I was giving Dr. Dahesh a haircut in his study in the presence of Halim Dammous, Youssef El-Hajj, Dr. Fareed Abu-Suleiman, and Khalil Toubya. While waiting for Dr. Dahesh to finish his haircut, talk about him and his miracles took place. She heard Khalil say, while pointing to the rosary he was holding in his hand, that the rosary was brought to him by the Spirit through Dr. Dahesh. Mrs. Riashi was bewildered by what she had heard and said to Dr. Dahesh after he finished his haircut that she doesn’t believe any of the things she heard and that she doesn’t believe in any of these stories unless she sees what goes on with her own eyes. Dr. Dahesh asked her what she would like to see and she told him that she would like a precious necklace like Khalil’s rosary. Dr. Dahesh moved his hand towards her and a beautiful necklace immediately appeared in his palm and presented it to her. She was taken by fear and didn’t know what to say.

      Mr. Majdalani continued

      It appears that Mrs. Riashi was not convinced and she asked him to have another necklace appear in her house as soon as she goes home. Dr. Dahesh fulfilled her request and asked her to go home and take the necklace from her closet. She and her relative said their goodbye to Dr. Dahesh and while they were driving away to go home, she looked towards the house of Dr. Dahesh and saw him waving a necklace.

      My storyteller smiled and said:

      She arrived home and when she opened her closet, she was so puzzled to see the same necklace Dr. Dahesh was waving from his house.

      The strange dream:

      Mr. Majdalani told us about another incident that took place with him personally.

      He said:

      Up to the year 1950, I had three girls and no sons. My wife became pregnant, so I made a vow and appealed to God several times to provide me with a baby boy. I had not seen Dr. Dahesh since 1944, when he left the country in the aftermath of his well-known persecution by the late, Bechara El-Khoury. However, every once in a while, I would run into Halim Dammous.

      One day, Halim asked me:

      How many girls do you have?

      I answered him saying:

      Three girls and my wife is pregnant…

      He interrupted me while smiling and said:

      Abu Gibran (meaning the father of Gibran), you will have a baby boy this time…

      Two weeks later, my wife had a dream and told me about it in the morning. In her dream, she had given birth to a baby boy and when she tried to lift the cover from his face, she was blinded by the intensity of the light shining from his face. So it was that my wife delivered a baby boy according to her vision and to the prophecy of Dr. Dahesh as relayed to me by the poet, Halim Dammous. In order to be optimistic about the vision, we named the child Gibran.

Abu Gibran, continued with his lovely Beirut accent:

      Many years passed by when I visited Dr. Dahesh after his return to Lebanon and accompanied by my six-year-old son, Gibran. While Dr. Dahesh was playing with him, he suddenly looked at me and said with interest: “Tanius, do you know that your son will have a bright future? Make sure to take care of his education in the best way possible.”

      My storyteller continued slowly:

      I remembered the vision my wife had before my son’s birth and I was curious about the hidden meaning of the shining light emitting from his face and told Dr. Dahesh about it. Mr. Halim Dammous asked me about the date of this vision and I told him I don’t recall the date nor do I recall the date of the birth. Dr. Dahesh instructed me to pull a book from one of the shelves of his study where I will find a piece of paper inside the book and that I should pull it and read it. I pulled a book, found the paper, opened it, and I read the complete story of the dream, its date, and the birth date of Gibran. Dr. Dahesh was out of the country in 1951, the time of the dream and the birth of my son.

      [As of today, Gibran Majdalani is an adjunct professor at Columbia University].

      The glass of water:

      Then there was a cute third story…

      He said:

      One day, I was giving Dr. Dahesh a shave and we were alone in his house. I was busy shaving his beard and there was a glass of water placed on the table across from me. All of a sudden, the glass lifted up from the table on its own to a certain level, tilted slightly for an invisible person to drink from it, and then returned back to its place. I fell back in fear and asked Dr. Dahesh about this phenomenon and he said calmly not to worry, for this is a supernatural event!