Testimonial of Nicholas Daher

Testimonial of Nicholas Daher

      Mr. Nicholas Daher is a survey engineer for the planning and urban development of city hall in Beirut. He had received a master’s degree in history from the Lebanese University and he is a teacher…

      The heavenly Personalities of Dahesh

      Nicholas says: I met Dr. Dahesh in 1963 and since then, I have witnessed many miracles. I will tell you about a genre of his miracles that deals with the multiplicity of his Spiritual Personalities. Dr. Dahesh visited me in August of 1965 accompanied by Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman. I had lost contact with them for the last two to three months. After we had conversed a little in front of a large group of people, Dr. Dahesh asked Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman to go to the house ahead of him and that we will soon follow. After a few minutes, we asked the other people to be excused and Dr. Dahesh and myself went down to the lower level where I had my car…We took the car and headed towards his house. Once we got there, we entered the house and headed towards the main hall. There, I noticed from a distance Dr. Abu Suleiman in the opposite room talking to several visitors. I said to myself that Dr. Dahesh must have sent Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman ahead of himself because he had an appointment with these people and wanted to apologize for his delay…I came closer to Dr. Farid and saw Dr. Dahesh wearing his pajamas and reading the paper. At first, I was shocked and looked next to me to find Dr. Dahesh wearing a crimson jacket and a beige pair of slacks…

      After a little while, he headed towards the room then vanished…I looked at Dr. Dahesh and asked him: Which one of the two is Dr. Dahesh? I learned from him that he is the one and that he did not leave his home the entire day and the person that visited me is not Dr. Dahesh, but rather, it was on of his heavenly Personalities.

      Power over time: instantly ripening of fruit

      Nicholas tells us of another miracle: I was visiting Dr. Dahesh when Mr. Salim Onbargi walked in carrying a bag full of avocados…Dr. Dahesh asked him about the fruit and he responded by saying that it is not ripe yet and requires some time to ripe…Dr. Dahesh said: Do you want to eat it now while it is ripe? We were all surprised—including Salim who said that the fruit requires several days or weeks before it ripens and not minutes. Dr. Dahesh smiled and asked him to hand him over one from the sack…As soon as it touched his hands that the fruit changed color and became very soft. He did the same thing with the other fruits. This miracle displays the extent of Dr. Dahesh’s power over time—something people are having a hard time understanding.