Translated Dahesh literature


Prodigies of Dr. Dahesh And the Unity of Religions


This address was given in the Assembly Hall of the American University of Beirut, on May 12, 1970.

On the occasion of this lecture, “The League of the Spiritual Fraternity” has published the following convocation to:

Those who suffer from the tragic agony of this century.

Those who are tortured and disquieted by the possibilities of man exploring space through precise and rigorous science, while he is still powerless in exploring his Real Self, his Inner Soul that can lead him to profound peace and happiness.

Those who are alarmed by the laceration of humanity, hesitating between faith and atheism, and going desperately after a fugitive truth.

Those who believe that all social edifices cannot be stable unless built upon solid ground and by proper stone.

Those who have the aspiration of forming a better society and dreaming of the coming Redeemer.

Those whose hands do not tremble while holding the truth and whose eyelids never fail to contemplate its blaze.

Those who disgust to venders of talk, to merchants of immorality and to division and disjunction.

All these have been convoked by “The League of the Spiritual Fraternity” of university students to hear the address given by Ghazi Brax on:

The Prodigies of Dr. Dahesh and the Unity of Religions.

This lecture clarifies through rationalism the miraculous performances of the man who has become the enigma of the 20th century.


Presentation of the Speaker

By Mr. Moussa Ma’alouf

Dear friends,

Our speaker this evening is an invader and usurper. He invaded the spiritual truth by means of rational science and fathomed the inner man within—his Real Self, subjecting it to the light of the lively truth.

Blessed is the spiritual science which was persecuted and crucified across the ages but remained eternally vivid so that the breath of life may develop again in the mortal body.

From his first poetical collection “God, the World and Myself” to his “forerunner” and his psychological thesis on the Lebanese genius “Jubran Khalil Jubran,” [Gibran Kahlil Gibran] Ghazi Brax, the crying voice in the wilderness of life, remains to be a contemplative poet, a spiritual pedagogue and a psychological critic.

To reinforce his humanitarian mission he accepted to drink the elixir of the Divine Metaphysics through the mediation of Dr. Dahesh’s prodigies.

In a few moments, the speaker will have the chance to throw light on these miraculous performances and the vigilant public will also have the pleasure of discussing its reflecting effects.

Has not the time come to resuscitate this dustful century’s Lazarus from the grave of atheism in order to renew the marriage of Cana, in the name of reason and revelation?

In this University’s temple of knowledge, come then brother Ghazi and unveil some of the mysterious treasures of Dr. Dahesh and transplant in this space century the knowledge which was denied by the blind and the deaf—those merchants of black conscience and lost souls who do not want to see or hear.

Tomorrow when the time comes to enjoy the feast of the harvest, those eyes and those ears will then remember and will clearly comprehend that you were the voice that promulgated the revelations and the teachings of Daheshism which had brought to them seasons of Divine Light played on the prophetic guitar.




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