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Daheshism A Spiritual Truth Attested by Miracles

This address was given in the Assembly Hall at the Faculty of Law (Lebanese University) on May 21, 1971.

From Lebanon, from the land of the cedar of the Lord, I address those who are lost, those who are trying to get away from their anxieties and from the tragedies that haunt them; and those who, in vain, are searching for tranquility. From here, from the land of the prophets, I address humanity which seems so taken by the pride of scientific discoveries, and benumbed by greed and worldly desires. It is no wonder then to see that its gashes are bleeding and by large it is approaching slowly to its awful doom. But humanity, not recognizing these maladious fits, still falls under the deception that it is healthy and in full bloom.

Now, to those who are after the guiding truth, while it is still out of their reach, I say : “Had the truth been in the theories of the intellectuals, the interpretations of the theologians, or the opinions of political leaders who exist everywhere, then its sun would have manifested itself to satisfy and convince every willing mind. But the guiding truth is not within their reach, and is unique in nature because it is not subject to division and paradox and therefore shuns to be identified through whims and suppositions and to be leading to vice, evil, and wicked consequences. The guiding Truth is a living fact manifesting good deeds in both the individual and society.” To those who are after sexual desires, sensual pleasures, terrestrial glories, luxury and extravagance I say: “Now is the time to wake up and realize that what you see is not real water but simple mirage! And that what you have in your hands, although you are unaware of it is a burning firebrand. You try to run away from your calamities which crouch upon you as dreadful nightmares by just closing your eyes. That of course is sheer madness!”

What is it that dazzles your eyes, countrymen and peoples of the earth? Could it be Eastern or Western civilizations? World civilization today is likened to a tree the branches of which extend in every direction on earth and high up as if to touch the sky. But such a tree could dazzle our sight but not our insight because its pulp is verging towards decay, its sap that gives it life is staring to drain, its trunk and branches are being prepared to be cut and thrown into the eternal fire.

What is it that fascinates your minds, countrymen and peoples of the earth? Could it be the spaceships landing on the moon while oppression is rooted in human hearts? Or could it be expropriation of land, denial of the rights of others, refugees being in distress, ignorance and hate? Or is it the weak being mauled by savage masters? Could it also be that you are convinced by giant plants, powerful weapons, great laboratories, wonderful discoveries and skyscrapers? Could a11 of these dazzle you while the human soul is totally degraded and crushed in a world where the 1aw of the jungle still prevails?

From these shores that promulgated the Alphabet and sent it to every part of the world; from the East which gave rise to the sun of Christianity and Islam which drove away darkness; from the sacred habitat of revelation a great spiritual truth has emerged to awaken the conscience of those who are asleep, and to revive hope in the hearts of those who are desperate, providing the blind and the crippled with the staff of guidance and offering a safety board for the passengers on board who are about to be drowned. This Spiritual Truth is Daheshism.


What is Daheshism?

Before imparting you with a synopsis about Daheshism and its spiritual truth, an explanatory word is quite necessary. In a previous lecture given at the American University of Beirut, on May 12, 1970 about “the Prodigies of Dr. Dahesh and the Unity of Religions” which was translated into many languages, I named quite a number of Dr. Dahesh’s miracles which were al1 palpable and convincing, unchanged by the passing of years and when taken by photographs, also confirmed by dozens of eyewitnesses, corroborated by specialists, well informed and enlightened individuals. A1l these facts are enough to refute the doubts of the defamers, and those who attribute these real miracles to conjuring tricks and hallucination.

It is a known fact that the courts—Penal and Civil—exercise authority to pass a verdict which may entail the sentence of death upon a person's life if and when supported by concrete evidence or few witnesses. If we were to compare this with Dr. Dahesh's miracles we find, for the last half century, thousands have confirmed the authenticity of these miracles and among them were attorney generals, judges, brilliant lawyers, well known physicians, men of letters, university professors, and Journalists of different nationalities and yet what do we have as a response? Is this huge number of witnesses not enough to awaken the living conscience of the world and to 1et the stout noble head stand and declare the great spiritual truth in a thundering voice to the whole world?

It should be noted, however, that among the witnesses are hundreds of men of integrity and character who are well reputed and highly qualified and who preferred persecution, imprisonment, dismissal of their official posts and various other sufferings to giving up their beliefs in a truth that touched their hearts. Among these many distinguished witnesses, I content myself with: the great lady of letters, Mrs. Mary Haddad, ex-president of the Syndicate of Artists, Mr. Dimitri Hayek, former attorney general of Beirut, Mr. Halim Dammous of Zahly, a poet of renown fame, Mr. Yusuf al Hajj orator and man of letters, Dr. Khabsa and Dr. Farid Abu Sleiman, two well known physicians of widespread fame who had sacrificed and suffered for their beliefs.

If scientific facts are to be doubted, and no merit is to be given to the deeds and conduct of qualified scientists, what on earth will then make us believe in thousands of scientific facts which people hold as true. Who can claim for example, that he has personally measured the velocity rate of light or that he has verified the internal structure of the atom with his own eyes, or that he has traveled in space between the stars and the planets, or has gone deep exploring the depth of the seas revealing their hidden secrets and acquainting himself With a11 the scientific facts which he has accepted without any further argument.

What is it that make us believe in the miracles of Christ although we did not witness a single one and even the historians and the opponents did not relate any. The only knowledge we have of them is intimated by a few who affirmed their veracity after having eye-witnessed these miracles or had heard about them.

The sound logic which invites us to accept the scientific facts is the same logic which impels us to believe in the miracles of Christ. For those who had witnessed them and had borne testimony in their favor, had excellent qualifications and were men of character and integrity.

When we do come to account for Dr. Dahesh's prodigies, the evidence verges as well on dead certainty. The testimonies that admit their validity are. increasing day in day out, reaching up to thousands. They had been confessed by his opponents and followers alike, and by a majority who are both qualified and sound-minded.

It is a great advantage to mention that Dr. Dahesh is still alive, and that he receives tens of visitors daily. Among them are photographers who take pictures when miracles take place and make it a point to keep those photographs as a permanent evidence of his miraculous performances. Many an atheist came out of his house converted into a believer in God and a11 his prophets without any discrimination. Many a stickler came out to approve the veracity of these miracles. But there are also a few with deviated hearts, blind eyes and hired mercenary pens who preferred falsehood to truth, not realizing that false-hood cannot last long.

So long as Dr. Dahesh is still alive, everyday has the full right to get his faith affirmed in the same manner St. Thomas did. We had that experience before and we were fully convinced. Jesus said: “Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” (John 20:29)

With the self-evident miracles which had been attested by hundreds of reliable witnesses as a premise, we are going to declare the different aspects of Daheshite Spiritual Truth and to establish our subject on a more solid ground, thus avoiding the danger of getting lost in the maze of theories and in philosophical or theological assumptions.


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