Testimonial of Najwa Salam Brax

Testimonial of Najwa Salam Brax

      Mrs. Najwa Salam Brax, a teacher at the Ministry of Education, public schools system and the author of several books pertaining to Daheshism. Her book “Dr. Dahesh: A Great Writer and His Literary World” has already been published and another book that she had presented initially as her master’s degree thesis at the Lebanese University titled “Halim Dammous and the Spirituality in His Writings” has been published. It is worth mentioning here that Halim Dammous is the chronologist of Daheshism until 1957…She also has many other books being prepared for publication. Her book of wise sayings and aphorisms, “Nasamat (Zephyrus’ Wings),” has been published. Najwa said that she had seen hundreds of miracles and supernatural events that can be confirmed with tangible proofs. The following are some of these miracles:

      Retribution has to be done

      Mrs. Najwa says: One day in 1970, I was at the house of Dr. Dahesh talking to other sisters in faith about certain matters when a lady named Leila came. Dr. Dahesh asked her where she has been? She said: “At the Tawileh Market at a boutique for women where I purchased a brooch.” In addition, Najwa said: After Dr. Dahesh had seen the brooch, he asked Leila about its price and she told him how much she paid for it. Dr. Dahesh said: “You were charged more than the brooch is worth,” then he looked at us and said: “Because the merchant charged more than what he is entitled to, I will bring three items from his boutique…” Dr. Dahesh looked at me—I was wearing a blue dress that day—and asked me: “What would you like?” I answered him: a blue brooch in the form of a peacock…He took a yellow paper and drew on it a brooch of a circular shape and placed blue ink dots on it. He then took the yellow paper and rubbed it between his hands and the drawing vanished from the paper and materialized in the form of a blue brooch with the shape of a peacock. Then he brought to my sisters, who were also present, a pair of earrings and a necklace…

      The power of the divine Spirit over matter and space

      Mrs. Najwa tells us another story: I saw once a handbag that I liked very much and it was by chance that soon after I visited Dr. Dahesh at his house. This took place in 1969…I always thought of buying a handbag in the form of the one I saw, because at that time I was not used to carrying handbags…I sat facing Dr. Dahesh at his house when he asked me to request any one item from him…I thought at that time about the handbag that I saw earlier…I said to him: I like to have a handbag and described to him the size, color, and shape that I wanted…At that point, he pulled from his pocket 25 LL and placed them under the pillow behind him. He looked at me and said: “I will bring you the handbag that you have requested, however, it is located at a tourism boat at sea.” He was taken by the Spirit and said to me: “I must add 10 LL on top of the 25 LL, because the handbag is worth 35 LL…” Then he asked me to place my hand under the pillow where he placed the money and I did only to find the handbag that I have requested in every detail that I had given him. As to the money, it had disappeared from under the pillow.

      A bracelet gives birth to another

      In addition, Najwa says: On April 6, 1973, I visited Dr. Dahesh accompanied by one of my sisters. While we were sitting with Dr. Dahesh, my sister looked at the bracelet on my wrist and Dr. Dahesh noticed that she was looking at it, so he asked her: “Do you like this bracelet?” She said: “Yes, I like it.” He said to her: “Do you want to have one just like it?” She said: “I wish…” Dr. Dahesh stood up and touched the bracelet that I was wearing and I sensed that another bracelet was created from my bracelet, so I looked and saw two bracelets…I took off one and gave it to my sister…