Testimonial of Mr. Majid Mehdi

Testimonial of Mr. Majid Mehdi

      In this testimonial, Mr. Majid Mehdi describes how he became a believer in Daheshism and the difficulties it has created for him with his father, who was the owner of a private school in the outskirts of Zahlé, Lebanon. While Majid Mehdi was studying medicine in France, his father received word that he is preaching to his friends about his new faith. As a result, he stopped all financial support to his son. Mr. Fares Zaatar and Dr. Ghazi Brax wrote Mr. Mehdi letters of encouragement. In a lecture to the Scientific Renaissance School, given on April 20, 1974 and titled How I Believed in Daheshism, Mr. Majid Mahdi says:

      Mr. Fares Zaatar, a brother in faith and a lawyer wrote me recently about a conversation he had with a friend of mine in Lebanon who told him that “Majid will not remain quiet in this life; that he will sell this life for something that is more precious; that wisdom dictates a cooling of tempers between him and his father. However, I believe that everything will become apparent this summer. At that point, either his father will accept the great enlightenment of his son, or he would leave him be. Either he’ll continue the financial support to his son, or he would stop it. In this case, we will take care of his education expenses ourselves, because we don’t need him or anyone else for that matter. We will take care of each other and let it be…”

      As to Dr. Ghazi Brax, a brother in faith, who wrote me in one of his letters: “You can’t imagine how pleased I am of your activities in France. My beloved, you walk in the shadow of the apostles and bring back the glorious days of those who struggled for their faith—those who changed the course of history in the old world. So, continue spreading the word of righteousness without deficiency or fear, because your main concern should be pleasing the Guiding and Beloved Prophet and the help of Almighty God. Let the Lebanese insects crawl on their bellies while you soar in the skies of France, because insects feed from the soil, while your food comes from the bread of the gods. Continue plowing through the way of light on your own—but you are not alone. Be happy and thank God for selecting you to be one of those who relay the voice of righteousness and regardless to whether people chose to listen or to be deaf. Know that your path is long and full of thorns, but will lead you to glory, happiness, and sadness, nonetheless, it is a path to victory.”

      Little by little, Daheshism infiltrated homes, universities, and bookstores. The newspaper “Sud-Ouest” reviewed the book “Memoirs of a Dinar” and said the following about it: “This book is by Dr. Dahesh who wrote it in only a few days through Spiritual inspiration. Dr. Dahesh is endowed since childhood with a great Spiritual Power and performs dazzling miracles that astounds all people.” In short, Daheshism found its way to people through decisive arguments and pure principles.

      The school year of 1970-1971 ended and I returned to Lebanon for the summer break. My strained relationship with my father had been repaired through my wise handling of the situation. I returned to Lebanon on July 18, 1971 and I spent the first few days back home in peace and tranquility. I visited Dr. Dahesh on Sunday, July 25, 1971 and here are the details: As I was leaving the house of the Guiding and Beloved Prophet, he accompanied me, as he normally does with his visitors, to the edge of the staircase leading to the exit door. He addressed me saying: “keep me abreast,” then he repeated it several times. As I was heading back home to Riyaq, I passed by the village where relatives informed me of the bad news at home. It seems that my father was upset with me going out, thinking that I have gone to meet with Dr. Dahesh and Daheshists, so he took his frustration on my siblings by beating them up and then he started to throw furniture into the roadway. My relatives advised me not to return home and that I should stay with them, so I accepted their offer and spent the entire night wandering aimlessly in the middle of the harvested fields and contemplating the stars and beseeching Divine Mercy to release me to freedom from the horrible shackles of bondage. What would wisdom dictate that I do in this situation? Is it possible for an adult—who is able to distinguish between right and wrong—to remain “driven,” like a child?

      The following morning I decided to contact Dr. Dahesh to inform him about what happened to me to “keeping him abreast,” as he requested. However, I delayed the call until the evening of the same day. As soon as I picked up the receiver, I heard Zeina Hadad, who lives at the house of Dr. Dahesh saying: “Dr. Dahesh has been waiting on your phone call since morning and now he is not here.” I called again after an hour and I told Dr. Dahesh what had happened and he said to me: “Be wise like serpents and be meek like doves…war is a deception…resort to secrecy in taking care of your business.” I answered the Guiding and Beloved Prophet saying: “Should I tell them that I am going to remain a Daheshist—even if I was thrown out of the home?” For saying the truth was a venue to rid myself of this painful situation. However, the Holy Spirit responded to me through the Beloved Prophet in formal Arabic and in his distinct Holy tone, the exact opposite of what I have expected: “No, don’t say anything until it is time.”

      Neither I, nor any of the other brothers in faith [who were aware of my situation] understood the meaning of this answer, so I returned home and had to put up with all kinds of insults and pressures. The following day and the day after that, the Guiding and Beloved Prophet would ask me when I visit him “what is your father’s age?” I would respond each time with “fifty years.” This made me wonder why he is repeating the same question within such a short time. During this time, Dr. Ghazi Brax visited us accompanied with some Daheshists to tell my father about Daheshism, on a hope that he would change his adversarial attitude towards me and peace can return to a house where living in it has become a living hell. Dr. Brax reminded him of Imam Ali when he was under age and being cared for by the Prophet Mohammed. When the Prophet asked Ali to believe in his Mission, Ali requested time so that he can consult with his father, Abu-Talib. However, he changed his mind after he had spent the night in turmoil and said to the Prophet: “God had created me without consulting Abu-Talib, so why do I need to consult him in order to worship God?”

      The great sublime soul of Imam Ali was awakened at an early age to what modern laws call “freedom of belief.” He then became submerged in a belief that enlightened his path and he was driven in his faith like a lion without fear of being blamed or killed. The relationship an individual has with his Maker is a relationship that takes place through the conscience and as a result, it is a personal relationship that should not be forced on others or interfered with. Didn’t the Holy Qu’ran say: “There is no compulsion in religion.” Sura 2:256 (Al-Baqara, the cow).

      Dr. Brax tried to convey to my father that I am not a child and that I am studying medicine in the universities of France with competence to make personal choices in the matters of religion and life; that his behavior with me does not correspond to my age and intellect. In addition, Dr. Brax made it clear to my father that his fears and paranoia were not justified at all. He tried to make him understand that Daheshism has come to bring human beings back to their inspired religions. Daheshism returns the Muslim to true Islam and to the Qur’an and returns the Christian to true Christianity and to the teachings of the Bible. That Daheshism came to remove the barriers between human beings and religions, so that everyone on Earth lives in a brotherly fashion under the shadow of one Lord and one God, the Creator of Heavens and the earth…

      Dr. Brax warned my father that persecution will not dissuade a Daheshist, because this faith is built on a solid rock foundation that even the “gates of hell cannot defeat.” He drew parallels to the life experiences of some of the great Daheshists, like Dr. George Khabsa, the author Marie Hadad, Halim Dammous, the great poet, Dr. Farid Abu-Suleiman, and many others. Persecution heated up their faith instead of cooling it off and the arrows of persecution that Bechara El-Khoury, the tyrant, aimed towards Daheshism were deflected back at him to overthrow him from power and to brand him along with his thugs with a stamp of eternal shame.

      Dr. Brax made clear to my father that Daheshism is like: a bright sun in the face of a night bat; a fire that burns those who attack it; high mountains in front of wrestlers; that its banner has spread and attracted those who are aware and faithful from all over the world; that its enemies are destined to disappear.

      The visit ended peacefully, however, I did not escape its consequences. As soon as the Daheshist brothers departed from our house, that all hell broke loose and my father started to shower them with cuss words and threatened me with severe consequences if I am to continue with my faith. In the evening of the same day, the quarrel deepened and included my father on one side and my brothers and some relatives on the other side. All the explanation given to him had gone to waste, all the warnings given to him did not detract him, and all reasoning with him had failed. Now, all I can do is leave it up to divine Providence.

      After few days, my father wanted me, against my will, to give an anti-Daheshism lecture and to write several articles in Lebanese magazines and newspapers. I was puzzled about the matter and I contacted the Guiding and Beloved Prophet by phone to inform him with what has transpired. He told me: “Does he want to do what Bechara El-Khoury did? He will come to an end…he will come to an end…”I thought he meant that injustice will come to an end.

      After few days, both parties were ready: one for an attack and the other for a defense. At the start of the battle, I would bear the insults and bring down the chairs as they are raised in anger, then the relatives would interfere and things would calm down. My persecution reached its peak after an intense quarrel on August 5, 1971, when my father yelled many times, “If Dahesh truly has powers, let him make me die…”

      On August 6, 1971, my father was preparing for a big meeting with the Muslim clergy that he had invited from Baalbeck and Beirut and also a supreme clergy in Lebanon to refute Daheshism and to fight it on Saturday, August 7, however, destiny rendered their planning obsolete…My father died at 6 PM on August 6. As soon as I contacted Dr. Dahesh to inform him of his death, he asked me to open the paper [the “Ramz”] he had given me a long time ago. When I did, it was a written prophecy saying that my father will die on August 6 and on the same day the clergy were due to arrive to refute Daheshism.

      In fact, the clergy came to the meeting only to be faced with his death. They were shocked and immensely afraid. At that point, I realized without a doubt, that it was time and that injustice will come to an end; that the sharp sword of divine Providence had put an end to his oppression and realized that the Divine Spirit that came down on the Guiding and Beloved Prophet knows what we don’t know and made foretelling of future events available to him—something that is only given to the prophets and elect messengers. The school that was fighting Daheshism became a center for the Holy Mission.