Testimonial of Kourieh Malke Abdullah

Testimonial of Kourieh Malke Abdullah

      This testimonial appeared in Al-Lewa’ Magazine (Lebanese magazine), issue 97, January 6, 1964.

      Kourieh Malke Abdullah is a Syriac who lived in Palestine and then moved to Beirut several years ago. We paid him a visit in his house in order to hear from him stories about Dr. Dahesh because he knew him personally from the Holy Land.

      First Supernatural Event

      He said: The ponds of the prophet Solomon are located near the city of Bethlehem and are frequented by people for pastime and picnicking—especially on Sundays and holidays. I was at the ponds one day and the place was crowded with people. My Syriac friends living in Bethlehem and Jerusalem were also with me. They were: Dimo Himo, Aziz Issa, Youssef Shashan, and Youssef Hanno. Dr. Dahesh, then 17 year-old, after we have exchanged greetings with him, told us “I wish to walk on water.” Indeed, we saw him begin his walk slowly until he crossed the pond. When he reached the other bank, he turned and walked back on the surface of the pond until he reached his starting point. I was so surprised to see his shoes totally dry and when I asked him about the reason, he said: “I walk on water the same way I walk on land.”

      Second Supernatural Event

      I accompanied Dr. Dahesh to the Syriac monastery of Saint Mark, in Jerusalem, in order to complete important applications needed for his travel plans. In the monastery, we ran into the friar Boutrous (Peter) who addressed Dr. Dahesh in defiance, saying: “Can you perform in my presence what you have been performing for other people?” Dr. Dahesh took a piece of rope, which was on the ground and told him: “hold the end of this rope and pray as much as you want.” The rope was immediately transformed into a snake that curled around the neck of the friar. He started to scream and call for help until the head of the monastery and all the friars gathered around him watching the signs of fear, horror, and panic on his face. They all asked Dr. Dahesh to put a stop to this so that his life is not threatened, and so it was that the snake transformed back to a rope as if nothing has happened.