Testimonial of Farid Abu-Suleiman Part 1

Testimonial of Farid Abu-Suleiman

      This testimonial appeared in Al-Hadaf Newspaper (Lebanese Newspaper), issue 4796, December 12, 1965.

Dr. Farid Abou-Suleiman speaks candidly!

      Several days ago, Le Soir newspaper (a French-Lebanese newspaper), published an interview with Dr. Dahesh with a French journalist. The content of this interview generated renewed interest in Daheshism—with all the mystery and contradiction that surrounds it. The credit for arranging the interview goes to Dr. Farid Abou-Suleiman—a disciple of Dr. Dahesh. In order to satisfy our curiosity, we have contacted him about the various events that led to his joining of Daheshism. The following is a literal transcript of what he had told us:

      After graduating from the French Institute of Medicine in Beirut, I traveled to Paris in order to complete my specialization and to finish my internship in Paris hospitals. After concluding my studies, I returned to Lebanon and landed my first job at the Tawfiq Rizq’s Hospital in the Mazra’a area of Beirut. During my spare time, I would try to understand many of the mysteries that peaked my curiosity—especially, what is known as “occult sciences,” such as spiritualistic séance was my pastime during the evening social distractions of the Lebanese capital. However, none of these studies brought me closer to the spiritual truth that I have been seeking. They were nothing but tricks that have nothing to do with spirituality.

First encounter:

      While going through my rounds at the hospital, I ran into Mr. Youssef El-Hajj, an old friend of my family. He was accompanied by Dr. Dahesh and visiting a friend who has been admitted to the hospital. He introduced me to Dr. Dahesh while telling me that getting to know Dr. Dahesh is a must as long as I have an interest in spirituality, because Dr. Dahesh is a unique spiritual guide. Dr. Dahesh was kind enough to invite me to visit him whenever I so choose and told me that he lives near the hospital where I work. However, I felt that his invitation to me was nothing more than a courtesy and for this reason I didn’t wish to bother someone that I have only met once. In 1942, telephones were scarce in Beirut and Dr. Dahesh came to the hospital one day in order to use the telephone and reminded me of his invitation.

First Meeting:

      The second day, I visited Dr. Dahesh who welcomed me with sincerity and compassion. After we have exchanged our cordial greetings, he asked me to bring him a blank piece of paper. I had with me my prescription pad, so I pulled a sheet from it, signed it, and gave it to him. He left me for no more than 30 seconds and when he returned, he asked me to select any of the books that lay on the table. I cautiously made my selection and inspected the book carefully to ensure that it doesn’t contain anything deceptive, however, it was just a regular book. Dr. Dahesh asked me to select one of the pages in the book, so I turned my head and opened the book abruptly and randomly so that I am not under any suggestive influence. I opened the book to page 100 and I selected a single line and then from this line I selected a single word and again, each time, I would turn my head to avoid any suggestive influence from Dr. Dahesh. After I made my selections, Dr. Dahesh took me to an adjacent room and asked me to open the paper organizer where he had placed my prescription paper that carries my signature. I did and to my surprise, the prescription paper had the title of the book, the line number and the word I had selected. This means that Dr. Dahesh knew the title of the book, page number, line number, and the word before I even selected them and he wrote them down back when he left me for 30 seconds. I should have realized from this miracle that it has a mark of prophecy. Since that day, I prepared myself to attend Spiritual Sessions and to join Daheshism.

      It was wartime—where most necessities and especially clothing were scarce—when I lost a valuable leather glove. It was three years before I met Dr. Dahesh and at that time, I searched for it at the homes of my friends and in all places that came to mind, but all of my efforts went to waste. It occurred to me to ask the whereabouts of this glove during my first Spiritual Sessions. All I expected is information about the place I lost it and the person who may have found it. I was extremely surprised when Dr. Dahesh said: “the glove is in your hand.” Indeed, it appeared in my hand and I was astonished. I was questioning myself on my way home and at the same time being baffled by how this lost glove appeared after a three-year period. As soon as I arrived home, I rushed to the closet where I reunited the pair. Since that day, I showed the pair of gloves to numerous people.

      This proves without a doubt that I was not under the influence of so-called “hypnosis” and that the power of Dr. Dahesh is undoubtedly divine. My conscience could not but declare that Dr. Dahesh has powers that violate the laws of nature, however, I was afraid to find a contradiction between the Daheshist principles and those of the Catholic Church. I have studied under the auspices of the Jesuits and held on to my beliefs in a manner that resembles that of a person hanging on to his floating device in order to avoid drowning. However, as I developed a deeper understanding of Daheshist principles, I realized that in order to be a Daheshist, I needed to be a true Christian first—in all meaning of the word and not just by label. In order to be a Daheshist, one must first apply the teachings of Christ in all aspects of daily life. For a Muslim to become a Daheshist, he must first apply the teachings of the Holy Qur’an in all aspects of daily life. The same holds for those that come from other faiths. I was relieved to come to the realization of this truth. Moreover, I realized that since I became a Daheshist, I have indeed become a true Christian and managed to surpass the Catholic’s realization of true Christianity.

Unshaken Faith:

      Since that time, my faith in Daheshism is unshaken. Many have tried to dissuade me from Daheshism and failed. Their failure made them appeal to the clergy—with whom I had a number of family and friendship ties—however, their attempts have failed as well. They even tried to bribe and threaten me: They have sent a city hall employee, who happened to be a friend of mine, to urge me to abandon Daheshism otherwise, I’ll lose my job as a city hall doctor. However, if I agree to abandon Daheshism, they’ll grant me a job promotion that pays a multiple of what I was making at that time so that I can live rich and happy. I kicked him out after he relayed his message and I told him that my faith is built on a solid rock foundation and that threats and bribes will not weaken my faith. The next day they issued an official decree relieving me from my position as a city hall doctor. That was in 1945.

      I have been in close contact with Dr. Dahesh since then—the only mediator between the Spiritual World and our dark materialistic world. The Holy Spirit descends on him to perform amazing miracles. Such miracles are hard to believe in unless the person witnesses them. When Dr. Dahesh is taken by the Spirit, he can perform all kinds of miracles. If I am to describe all the miracles that I have witnessed, I would need to write many volumes…However, I will mention only a few:

      The first Lebanese disciple of Dr. Dahesh is Youssef El-Hajj of the Chebaniyeh village near Hammana. One day he was attending a Spiritual Session in the company of six or seven individuals, including Dr. Khabsa, Halim Dammous, George Ibrahim Hadad, and myself. The Spirit addressed Youssef El-Hajj saying: “I will bring to you the rock in your village that you and Dr. Dahesh sat on several days ago.” All of a sudden, we saw a huge rock descend slowly from the ceiling in front of our eyes. We were frightened to the point that we didn’t make a move. The rock continued to descend until it settled on the floor of the room. Its size way exceeds the size of the door and later on we had to call construction workers to crush it so that it can be removed. This rock was relocated through the Spirit and its place in the Chebaniyeh village remains clear.

I was among a number of people gathered around Dr. Dahesh in the smaller reception area of his house. Hanging on the wall was an oil painting of two roses: one white and one red. The painting was framed and below it was a crystal board. Dr. Dahesh approached the painting while stretching his hand to the red rose. The rose came to life and dropped into his hand. It was dripping with dew and its sweet aroma filled the room. Its place in the painting remained blank until this day. The rose eventually died and was left to dry inside one of the books.

      We witnessed another similar baffling miracle where Dr. Dahesh approached an oil painting of a bird resting on a tree branch. Dr. Dahesh pointed to the bird and all of a sudden, the bird came to life, flew from the painting, and rested on the shoulder of one of the Daheshists present in the room. This person held the bird with his hand and then the bird was placed in a cage and lived for six years. Its place in the painting remained blank as with the red rose.

      One day, I accompanied Dr. Dahesh in a car ride to visit a friend. As we approached the house of this friend, we were puzzled to see him at the door saying goodbye to another Dr. Dahesh. This was another heavenly Personality of Dr. Dahesh.

Multiple Personalities:

      Dr. Dahesh has six heavenly Personalities that you can see in one place or in six different places at the same time or at different times. If you find yourself with Dr. Dahesh and his Personalities, you will not be able to distinguish between them. In most cases, the Personalities would be wearing different clothing so that some distinction can be made. In some cases the beard of one Personality may not be shaven while the others have shaven beards. So it was that when Dr. Dahesh was executed in Azerbaidjan in 1947 and the newspapers photographed and published his execution and later on, the Iranian authorities confirmed his death, it was not Dr. Dahesh, but rather, it was one of his Personalities, because Dr. Dahesh has not left Lebanon since 1944. The heavenly Personality resurrected from the death.

      Many witnessed these Personalities, including the former Lebanese minister, Mr. Edward Noon—who was baffled by this miracle and told the story to hundreds of people.

      I would like to repeat here what I said earlier that I need volumes to describe all the miracles that I have witnessed, however, it will suffice here to just mention their types:

• Water transmuted into wine, iron to gold, crystal to platinum.

• A pigeon slaughtered and birds that died and then they all returned to life.

• Things got doubled then quadrupled in a miraculous way.

• Things became smaller or larger.

• A losing lottery ticket was transformed into a winning ticket—as it occurred with Judge
Mahmoud Al-Biqa’i.

• Things that did not exist in an earthly reality would materialize and remain in existence.

• Knowledge of the past and predicting the future.

• Prophesies that specify accurately the details including the day, hour, and minute of certain occurrences.

• The sudden and miraculous transfer of written words of a notebook page to a blank page of the same

• Answers to hundreds of questions that appeared suddenly and in the different languages the questions
are posed.

      These miracles did not take place through Dr. Dahesh only to satisfy the curiosity of people, but rather to prove to them the existence of the Holy Spirit and its Powers. It is through the Spirit that we gain knowledge about our immortality and the Day of Judgment—the administration of reward and punishment that form the basis of all inspired religions. Miracles also take place to urge materialistic individuals to return to the essence of inspired religions and to live among people as real brothers in order to earn their place in Heavens.

      I consider Dr. Dahesh to be the greatest phenomenon of the 20th Century, because humanity has not seen anything like him since Christ. He carries within himself the torch that will bring light to the entire world. He has come to drive people towards true spirituality. On this occasion, I would like to say that we live at a time where atheism is widespread and true faith has left the hearts of people and in its place blasphemy filled the void. For this reason, it is unlikely for this generation to believe in all the miracles I mentioned and all I have to say to them is: “In their hearts is a sickness, so God has increased their sickness… Those are the people who traded away guidance for error; but their trade made no gains and they have not found the right way… Deaf, dumb, blind; they shall never return.” (Sura 20)