Testimonial of the engineer, ProfessorTestimonial of the engineer, Professor Ibrahim Chokr

Testimonial of the engineer, Professor Ibrahim Chokr

      The following testimonial appeared in Al-Deyar (Lebanese Newspaper), January 6, 1999.

      Salim Al-Ashi

      “In those days, I heard the elderly in Bethlehem talk about Salim Al-Ashi and his astounding miracles. I saw him as a short boy with a face that doesn’t smile, however, with wide, shining, and amazing eyes.”

      Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, the novelist—Excerpt from his book “The First Well.”

      Wide and amazing eyes—with the eyes being the light of the human body. They shine and overflow with love, springtime, and life…

      Wide and shining eyes—are the eyes of Dr. Dahesh—overflowing with waterfalls of light…Waterfalls of light that Sheikh Abdullah Al-Aalayli, other literary figures, and visitors that knew Dr. Dahesh spoke of and used to specifically seek him in order to attest and observe his miracles—miracles that reminded them with the days of miracles at the hands of the ancient good prophets. His visitors were two groups: The first and predominant group, used to seek him for personal requests and materialistic gains. The good man did not skimp on helping, performing good deeds, and providing favors—all without concern if they had merited his help or not. The second and the minority group, used to seek him strictly to observe and to know better the Man of Spirit and mystery, who was chosen by God to perform supernatural phenomena in order to offer man salvation and to improve his well-being.

      Wide eyes with a face that always smiles, however, deep down he is full of sorrow, yet speaks with clear, warm, and a deep tone…silvery tones—description that Gibran Kahlil Gibran had repeatedly used while talking about the sounds of his heroes.

      Shining eyes overflowing with springtime and life; a ray from a distant glittering planet; and a voice that carries warmth and compassion…that’s Dr. Dahesh…With such waterfalls, the visitor feels ashamed, leaves his worries behind, and feels that he is sitting with a person like the great Messenger from Heaven of two thousand years ago, who said: “Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke and put it on you, and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit; and you will find rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

      Gentle and humble in spirit…once you know him well, the fever of his love for Jesus of Nazareth and Mahatma Gandhi will infect you. His talk about them is never ending, a semi daily event, and every time it is something different…why not, for he is the Man of Mysteries.

      His talk about them is never ending…you feel that you should know everything about Mahatma…as if Dr. Dahesh is saying: my voice is the voice of Mahatma…his goal of seeking perfection is my goal…as Mahatma believed in the one God, so did Dr. Dahesh.

      He believes in the prophets of God, the messengers of mercy and love…His Holy Book is the Bible as well as the Qur’an…He teaches that there is only one truth, however, with many faces and that all of human beings are related and the children of God.

      Dr. Dahesh is love, loftiness, nobility, and goodness. Whenever supernatural phenomena took place through him, his face would glow with heavenly rays and all for the sole purpose of guiding man—this weak and unhappy being…As to why he was oppressed, persecuted, and made homeless, it is an old story, or an old play that is being performed on the stage of time along with the other guides and reformers.

      The eye may deny the light of the sun because of blindness and the mouth may deny the taste of water because of illness.