Testimonial of Salim Onbargi part 2

Testimonial of Salim Onbargi

      This testimonial appeared in Al-Lewa’ Magazine (Lebanese magazine), issue 85, August 12, 1964.

      Dr. Dahesh prophesizes Troutenfels encounter with a storm!

      It has become customary for Dr. Dahesh (pictured above on the right) to prophesying an assassination of a president—as he did with president Kennedy; or the visit by someone hours before his arrival to his house—as he did with Bashir Othman, the Parliamentary Representative of ‘Aakar; However, this time he has gone beyond the Mediterranean sea to the Atlantic Ocean, where he prophesied that a German ship called “Troutenfels” will encounter a major storm. This prophecy was carried by Salim Onbargi (pictured above on the left)—a young Palestinian-American mechanical engineer living in the United States and is related to the known “Al-Baltaji” family of the Beirut Harbor.

      Salim Onbargi did not wish to leave to the United States on a particular day in November of 1963, however, he had missed his parents—a passion that drew him once again to the Mediterranean coast. There were many attempts by his family and friends to convince him to remain in Beirut, however, this young ambitious man had insisted on departing to the United States. Before boarding the ship leaving to New York City via Marseille, his younger brother Ali asked him if he would like to pay Dr. Dahesh a visit and Salim accepted on a hope that he may be able to unlock the secrets of this powerful and supernatural man. Here, we will allow Salim finish the story:

      As I sat across from Dr. Dahesh, he clipped a small piece of white paper from a large sheet and asked me to write my name on it then hold it in my fist. I did what he told me to do and the small white paper had immediately transformed into a single Lebanese Pound with my name in the same exact location. At that point, he asked me to fold it in the form of an amulet, place it in my wallet, and not to open it. I did exactly what he told me to do.

      Months later, my parents had insisted that my wife and children, who resided in Chicago for over 10 years, accompany me to Lebanon so that they all can enjoy the visit. The idea of traveling with me appealed to my family and in February of 1964, we all boarded the ship “Troutenfels,” departing from New York City and heading towards Beirut. However, on the way, we were caught into a powerful storm that threatened the ship and the lives of its passengers. The ship had to change its course, first to Bermuda and then to Cuba.

      Salim briefly stopped talking while he lit up his American pipe and then continued saying:

      I wished to contact Dr. Dahesh upon our arrival to Beirut, so I called him on the phone. As soon as he heard my voice he said to me: “do you still have the folded Lebanese Pound?” I said: “of course.” He said: “You can open it now and you’ll see a very bizarre prophecy.” When I unfolded the Lebanese Pound, I was surprised to the point that I couldn’t believe my own eyes! On the Lebanese Pound was written: “Brother Salim Onbargi will arrive at midday on February 22, 1964, coming from the United States in order to spend the summer vacation in Lebanon. His ship had to change course towards Bermuda and Cuba due to high seas, however, will arrive safely to Beirut along with his family—his wife and two daughters.

      Then Salim said: along with this prophecy there were numbers of the winning lottery tickets of the February 18, 1964 drawing. The numbers I had were: No. 87529 wins 25,000 LL, No. 44628 wins 5,000 LL, No. 71028 wins 2,000LL, and No. 21158 wins 2000 LL as well. My surprise was even greater when all the numbers matched the actual drawing results.

      Then we said to the young engineer: You are highly educated and living in America, so what do you think of all of this? He took a puff from his pipe and said: I don’t know… we never encountered a man like him in the United States!