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Testimonial of the author, Youssef El-Hajj


Testimonial of Youssef El-Hajj

      This testimonial is taken from “Dr. Dahesh and Spirituality” by Mr. Youssef El-Hajj and published in Beirut in 1946. It is given in writing to Mr. Edwar Abi-Joudeh, the head of judiciary police in Beirut as per his official request dated February 23, 1944.

      Testimonial of Mr. Youssef El-Hajj, a well-known author throughout the Arab World:

      Questions by the Police Commissioner and answers by Mr. Youssef El-Hajj

      Q: When did you become acquainted with Dr. Dahesh?

      A: I became acquainted with Dr. Dahesh about three years ago. The motivation behind it was his fame in miracles throughout all Arab and some European countries.

      Q: Does Dr. Dahesh request compensation for his performances and teachings?

      A: No! Actually, he donates to the poor from the excess of personal funds after paying for his book publishing and living expenses. He donates through the likes of Dr. Toufiq Ibrahim Rizq, the famous surgeon and owner of the Rizq Hospital and others.

      Q: How does Dr. Dahesh provide for himself?

      A: What I have noticed throughout the entire period is that he provides for himself from the funds he earned.

      Q: Can you mention to me any of his miracles?

      A: I will mention to you three spiritual phenomena…

      Here, I proceeded to mention them to him in details the phenomenon of: 1) Dr. Shaheen Al-Salibi and the lemon tree; 2) Mr. Daniel Oliver and the money, pin, and letter of Mr. George Najjar; and 3) death of three birds in front of the publisher of Alsahafi Al-ta’eh, Mr. Iskandar Al-Riashi, Sheikh Mounir Taqy-Eddeen, and Mr. Halim Dammous, then bringing the birds back to life in the afternoon in the presence of the attorney Eward Noon and some of the Daheshist brothers. I also mentioned to him the litrary and spiritual writings of Dr. Dahesh that exceeded fifty in number [over one hundred towards the end of his life] and mentioned how Dr. Dahesh lives, fasts, and prays. That he lives like a saint and fasts and prays like an honest man.

      I also declared in my testimony that anyone who got close to Dr. Dahesh felt completely honest, pure, and at ease. That all of the teachings and prayers that we learned from him make us repel from anxious and filthy materialistic life. Here I presented to the commissioner an issue of the Egyptian newspaper Al’alam Al’arabi that had two lovely articles about Dr. Dahesh and his supernatural acts. The first article written by the newspaper and the second article was copied from the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram.

      In this manner, the interrogation concluded about the excellence of Dr. Dahesh and his sparkling spirituality. Towards the conclusion, I have assured him that the Lebanese government, sooner or later, would benefit from studying the qualities of Dr. Dahesh and his supernatural talents.

Youssef El-Hajj

Beirut, February 23, 1944


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