Testimonial of Moussa Al-Maalouf part 2


Testimonial of Moussa Al-Maalouf

      Moussa Al-Maalouf, the poet and teacher of Arabic literature at the “Lycée,” had published several poems in the Al-Intilaq, Al-Adeeb, and Al-Rissalah magazines and Al-Jareedah, Al-Nahar, and Al-Telegraph Nespapers. Al-Maalouf tells us how he believed in Daheshism: I met Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman in 1962 and talked about a number of spiritual issues. I was very much influenced by the works of Gibran Kahlil Gibran…I found the spiritual link complete between Gibran and Daheshism…The phrase in the Holy Bible “let there be…and it was done,” has overwhelmed me and I felt an urgent need for spiritual meaning.

      The unlimited power of the Divine Spirit

      I wanted to meet Dahesh and when I did, I explained to him that I am overwhelmed by the multiplicity of the worlds in the universe and their various natural and by the phrase “let there be…and it was done.” He said to me: “Look up to the ceiling, Moussa—the ceiling was very high and made out of wood glazed with gypsum—and I said to him, I have looked. He said to me: “Look again.” When I did, the ceiling cracked and pieces of gypsum fell on us…He was taken by the Spirit and said: “Have you understood that universes are created in a single second…and universes can disappear in a second by God’s Command…” The crack in the ceiling remained for a long time in the house…

      In addition, Al-Maalouf said: I was at home one day when a man knocked on my door and asked me if I am Moussa Al-Maalouf. I said: Yes, I am. He said: “I am married to the daughter of Nakouzi, one of your relatives and my name is Khalil Khoury from Salima…” So, I welcomed him and asked him about his wife. She was waiting outside, so he stepped out and brought her in. After a while, he asked me to set an appointment with Dr. Dahesh…I called Dr. Dahesh and he told me to bring them at once…After we were greeted by Dr. Dahesh, he asked Mrs. Khoury to follow him towards one of the large rooms where he placed several sealed papers and said to her: “Draw one of the papers,” so she did. He then told her to read it…She was very much shaken as soon as she read it, because she was reading the details of what had happened to her since she knocked on my door to the time she arrived to the house of Dr. Dahesh. Then she read the reasons that she and her husband came to see Dr. Dahesh for…

      This is one out of thousands of miracles that Dr. Dahesh performed…


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