Testimonial of the author, Halim Dammous


Testimonial of Halim Dammous

      This testimonial is taken from “Dr. Dahesh and Spirituality” by Mr. Youssef El-Hajj and published in Beirut in 1946. It is given in writing to Mr. Edwar Abi-Joudeh, the head of judiciary police in Beirut as per his official request dated February 23, 1944.

      Testimonial of Mr. Halim Dammous, a well-known poet in the Arab World:

      First, I had previously given my information about Dr. Dahesh a year ago, during the first investigation conducted by Fadel ‘Azury, the judiciary police commissioner. I believe at that time, the transcript of that investigation was transferred to Mr. Demitri Al-Hayek, the attorney general and I am sure you’ll find in it plenty of information.

      Second, my relationship with Dr. Dahesh dates back to 1936. He has no profession other than writing literary books. He had already published The Repose of Death, Words, and The Six Goddesses and soon to be available Astarte and Adonis, Song of Songs, The Inferno of Dr. Dahesh, and Thunder and Lightning. There are other books mentioned in details in his published books—especially his recent books… He had traveled to Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Africa, and Europe… Since then, he had devoted his time to reading, writing, and studying spiritual subject matters and their lofty purposes.

      Third, as to your question about his wealth and where he keeps it, I believe these are personal matters and you can ask him directly about it.

      Fourth, he lives in modesty and I know very well that he doesn’t need any one. He donates every month whatever he doesn’t need to poor families. Sometimes, he donates weekly. With all of his talents and supernatural powers, had he desired wealth, he could have become in a short period of time the Rockefeller of Lebanon, if not the wealthiest man of this age.

      If he performs a spiritual phenomenon with some of his assistants and brothers—where I am honored to be one—it would be for the sake of seeking the truth and out of interest in the knowledge of this strange and amazing universe and to arrive to the realization of everything unknown—as every researcher or scientist and every inventor or discoverer with an expanded circle of knowledge and art form would do. Anyone that seeks the eternal truth, as the case with Dr. Dahesh, should be energized and not discouraged—especially when many men and women who were submerged in sin, have become, thanks to his teachings, followers of the path to righteousness.

      Sixth, I have never seen him take a single penny or accept a souvenir gift from anyone. On the contrary, he refuses to take gifts and doesn’t care for them. I have been in contact with him for the past twenty months in order to edit several of his literary books that are ready for publishing. Since he sent gifts from his own money to those that invited him to family dinners or to literary gatherings and since he clothed the nude, fed the hungry, and helped the wretched discreetly and guided them to the right path, then he is a man of righteousness and his teachings are strictly spiritual. They are honorable teachings that are based on holy books—especially the four Gospels of the New Testament which are considered by Dr. Dahesh to be the essence of the Holy Book and the spirit of inspired books, especially in conveying the sayings of Lord Christ and his heavenly teachings.

      Seventh, Dr. Dahesh lives with his family at his own expense. As to those that believe in his spiritual acts, it is they who are benefiting from him and from his teachings without giving him any benefit. As an example, I used to be strictly materialistic and I have become strictly spiritual. It is Dr. Dahesh and his superb spirituality that are credited with this transformation. I have been exposed to heavenly truths that my weak pen is incapable of describing their grandeur.

      Eighth, at last, this testimonial of mine about Dr. Dahesh is divested from any personal intent. He is a righteous person, clean in conduct, does not engage in small talk, lives the life of Lord Christ and his disciples and the life of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions, he does good for the sake of doing good, and he performed miracles in front of my own eyes. He transported objects, healed diseases, wrote inspired writings, and prophesied many incidents that were fulfilled exactly in their specified time. I believe with all of my heart that all the good deeds of Dr. Dahesh and his supernatural phenomena helps the government and people to refine their attitudes and to bring closer the human souls to their Superb Creator.

      In my opinion, he deserves the appreciation of Lebanon and the glorification of humanity for his rare genius and his bright spiritual miracles that are controlled by a hidden and capable Divine Power. May every faithful study his powers as mercy for the lovers of the truth, the seekers of light and certainty, and a complete service to the poor inhabitants of this Earth.
Halim Dammous


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