Testimonial of Hadiya Murad


Testimonial of Hadiya Murad

      I resided in the city of Bethlehem beginning in 1948 after the turmoil that swept Palestine and the Arab World due to the establishment of the Jewish State. My Story with Dr. Dahesh begins there and almost twenty-two years before I even met him for the first time. I used to hear a lot about his powers in the Syriac community that I was a part of. His cousin Youssef Hannouch and my husband were friends and Youssef’s wife is a godmother to one of my daughters. In 1952, I heard on the radio that travel restrictions were lifted and now residents of the West Bank of Jordan can travel to Jordan without a passport and all they needed was an identification card. So, I decided to apply for an identification card, but in order to do that, I needed to have recent photos of myself be taken. I had my photo taken and I ordered six small photos and one portrait-size photo. When they were ready, I picked them up and placed them in my closet and locked it with the intention of going the second day to city hall to have the identification card issued. The next day, I was about to execute my plan, however, I couldn’t find the six small photos. I looked all over the place for them, but couldn’t find them. The portrait-size photo did not disappear, so I framed it and placed it on the wall.

      Years have passed since then and in 1968, I left Bethlehem with my family and moved to Beirut, Lebanon. I had visited Beirut many times prior to my move and on one occasion I had the intention of calling Dr. Dahesh and I even had his telephone number. I always had an interest in spirituality and was eager to meet him. My first meeting with Dr. Dahesh did not take place until late 1969 when Youssef Hannouch, Dahesh’s cousin, visited us in Beirut and I reminded him about his promise he made to introduce me to Dr. Dahesh. He said he’ll be more than happy and he made the call to Dr. Dahesh and accompanied my husband, daughter, and myself to his residence. During the first meeting, Dr. Dahesh looked at me and smiled, then said: “Do you like to travel?” I answered him “Yes, I do.” He then said: “New York? Washington?” Little that I knew at that time, that he was foretelling the future and referencing the frequent trips that we’ve made from the Washington, DC Metro Area, where we currently live, to the New York Metro Area, where Dr. Dahesh resided until the end of his life.

My lost six photos appear next to Dr. Dahesh

      During the second meeting, Dr. Dahesh was sitting in the corridor and had next to him the six photos that I have lost almost twenty years ago. And I was very surprised to see them there. Several years later, Dr. Dahesh asked me if I have a photo of myself at a younger age and I responded by saying: “I believe that I do.” When I returned home, I looked for a decent photo to give him, but couldn’t find any, because most of them were either small or unclear. I finally picked up the framed photo that I had on the wall and took it to him. When he saw it, he was happy and now the set of six photos and the portrait-sized photo were all in his possession.

      Over the years, I have seen many wonderful miracles performed by Dr. Dahesh, the Beloved Prophet. If I have any regrets, it would be for not writing down many of the things that I have seen in that time period. Now, I have to rely only on my memory. The following are some of the miracles that I have witnessed:

A piece of paper transmutes into a bottle of perfume

      I visited Dr. Dahesh in his residence, in Beirut, on one of the winter days of the early 1970s. He welcomed me with a smile—as he always does with all of his visitors. I was seated in one of the inner rooms chatting with him. As I was about to open my handbag to pull something, I noticed the presence of a small piece of paper lying on the seat next to me. I could have sworn that it wasn’t there before! When I asked Dr. Dahesh if he wants me to throw away the piece of paper in the trash, he responded by saying: “Give it to me.” When he touched it, it transmuted into a small bottle of perfume with a miniature bouquet of artificial flowers near its stem. I was very astonished by this miracle.


A diamond brooch is transported from the empress of Iran

      On another occasion, I visited Dr. Dahesh, the returning Christ, during one of the winter days as well. I was wearing my coat, which had a very beautiful and inexpensive white and blue brooch placed on the left hand side. Dr. Dahesh commented how beautiful the brooch is and asked me if it was made with real diamonds. I answered him by saying that it is a fake replica of a diamond brooch. He then said: “Give me the brooch.” I detached it from my coat and gave it to him. As soon as he touched it, its colors had changed into an off-white shade and he said to me: “This brooch belongs to the empress of Iran, Farah Deebah and she had purchased it from a jewelry shop in France, located at this address…(he mentioned the address), and she paid for it this amount of…(he mentioned the amount in French Francs).” After I had a chance to admire its beauty, Dr. Dahesh said: “The brooch must return to its lawful owner, because keeping it would be considered theft.” He touched it again and blue and white brooch had returned. Dr. Dahesh said to me: “Distances and weights are not obstacles for the Spirit. There is nothing impossible for the Spirit that commands things to be and they immediately come into existence.”

Seven blank pieces of paper transmute into currency

      One day, fellow Daheshists and I were gathered in the corridor at the house of Dr. Dahesh in Beirut. Mr. Salim Onbargi had just arrived from Saudi Arabia bringing me an envelope from my daughter. When I opened it, I found seven one hundred dollar bills and seven blank pieces of white paper. I was puzzled, so I asked Dr. Dahesh about the blank paper and he said: “This is a new currency.” So, I said to him, “fine, then please accept them as my gift to you.” He said: “No, this is a new currency for you.” I refused to keep them and handed them over to him. As soon as he touched them, they had transmuted into seven one hundred dollar bills—the same amount that Salim had brought me. Everyone that was present was puzzled by this miracle.

Pieces of paper, cutout from a sheet, transmute into currency

      I visited Dr. Dahesh in Beirut on a summer day accompanied by my husband and daughter. He welcomed us with a smile and asked my husband to run to the bookstore and buy a large sheet of white paper. My husband said to him that it is Sunday and the bookstore maybe closed, however, Dr. Dahesh said to him that it is definitely open. So, my husband went to the bookstore and returned with one rolled large white sheet of paper. Dr. Dahesh said to my husband that it would be fine if he went home. So he did, while my daughter and I remained at the residence of Dr. Dahesh, where he brought us two pairs of old rusty scissors and gave us a rectangular piece of paper to use as a sample for cutting the large sheet of paper to that size and he then left us. The scissors were so bad that we couldn’t cut straight and many of the cuts we made were zigzagged and our hands got so tired from cutting. Dr. Dahesh returned and told us that what we have cut is enough and that we should stop. He took the cut papers from us and said: “In the name of God, Almighty to have these papers transmuted into Lebanese currency notes.” Immediately, the zigzagged papers became brand new and perfectly square Lebanese currency notes, as if they just came off the press. Then he said to us: “These currency notes are serialized and can be cashed anywhere.” Then all of a sudden, the currency notes disappeared in front of our eyes and he said: “You have seen this miracle so that you can realize how great the power of the Spirit is. There is nothing impossible for the Spirit and things are ordered to be and they take place—all done in the name of God, Almighty.”

A bag of roasted nuts appeared from thin air

      A few Daheshists and I were chatting with Dr. Dahesh in his Beirut residence. Later on, Elliya Hajjar, a fellow Daheshist, arrived and joined our chat. He was carrying in his hand some pistachio nuts and gave them to Dr. Dahesh, who took them thankfully. Dr. Dahesh said: “I like pistachio nuts very much.” I then said: “Had I known that you liked pistachio nuts, I would have brought you some with me.” He said to me: “No, thank you.” All of a sudden, the complexion of Dr. Dahesh’s face has changed (an indication that he had been taken by the Spirit) and the Spirit addressed me saying: “Take this bag and give it to the Beloved Prophet.” The bag came from a well-known nut-roasting retailer in Beirut known as “Nut-Roasting for Families.” The nuts were freshly roasted and still warm. I took the bag and gave it to the Beloved Prophet and then I paid for it—as if I purchased it myself—and the money disappeared immediately. The angelic Spirit said, “When I bring an object that belongs to someone else, the object is either returned to its rightful owner after demonstrating the Spirit’s power to subdue the laws of nature, or the object is purchased in a proper manner.”

The Spirit reads my thoughts and assist me in selecting a gift

      In another visit to Dr. Dahesh in his Beirut residence, we were sitting in the corridor with Dr. Dahesh and several Daheshists when he challenged some Daheshists to a contest in a free form rhymed poetry known as “Zajal.” I would listen attentively to his poetry at times and at other times my thoughts would drift away thinking about what kind of a gift I should buy Dr. Dahesh on his coming birthday. I said to myself that I shouldn’t bring him roses, because most people bring roses. All of a sudden, the angelic Spirit manifested and addressed me saying: “I will tell you what gift to give to the Beloved. He could use an electric shaving machine and he would be delighted to have it.” I addressed the Spirit saying: “Where would I buy it from?” The Spirit said: “Here it is.” I was given the electric shaving machine and I was told of its price. I paid for it and thanked the Spirit from saving me the agony of shopping for a gift for the Beloved. When I presented it to the Beloved, he was very happy and said: “How did you know that I needed this particular electric shaving machine?” He said this because when the Spirit takes over him, he doesn’t know what has transpired unless the Spirit reveals it to him, or the witness mentions it to him. He thanked me very much for the gift.

A plate is lifted in the air and lands in front of the Beloved Prophet

      I visited Dr. Dahesh frequently during his stay in the US until he passed away in 1984. One day, I happened to be visiting him when I noticed a small plate in the refrigerator containing a few very ripe white grapes. They were ripe to the point of becoming discolored and won’t be long before they turn into raisins. On more than one occasion, I would grab the plate so that I can dispose of its content, however, something would hold me back and I would leave it in the refrigerator. While preparing dinner for Dr. Dahesh, I asked him about the plate in the refrigerator and he said that he doesn’t want it and that I can dispose of it. So, I pulled the plate from the refrigerator and instead of dumping its content into the trash, I just placed it on the kitchen counter with the intent of disposing of its content after he had a chance to finish his dinner. All of a sudden, I saw the plate lift up in the air on its own, moved to the table where Dr. Dahesh was seated, and landed in front of him. He said to me: “I told you to dispose of it,” and I answered him saying that I was going to do that after you had a chance to finish your dinner, however, it moved through the air and landed in front of you. At that point, he realized that it must have happened this way and that he should consume them and he did.


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