Testimonial of the author, Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman part 2


Testimonial of Farid Abu Suleiman

      Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman, a medical doctor in Beirut specializing in dermatology and reproductive diseases. He became a believer in Daheshism in the beginning of the fall season of 1942. At that time, he was practicing in Dr. Tawfiq Rizq’s hospital in Beirut, which lies across from the house of Dr. Dahesh. Dr. Abu Suleiman is one of the first five individuals that believed in Daheshism and received Dahesh’s full trust.

      A pigeon was revived after being slaughtered

      Abu Suleiman says: On one of the days of 1943, Dr. Dahesh asked me to bring the pigeon cage he had in his home. He told me that the cage contains one pigeon and that I should slaughter it…The following individuals were with us in the room: Youssef El-Hajj, Halim Dammous, and Dr. George Khabsa… I brought a big pan and held the pigeon near it so that the blood doesn’t splatter all over my clothes and then slaughtered the pigeon. Despite all the precautions, I had a few bloodstains on my pants. Dr. Dahesh told me to cutoff its head and I did what he told me…I held its head in one hand and its body in the other…At that point, Dr. Dahesh placed his hand over the body of the dead pigeon and said: “Return to life by the Power of God…” At this instant, life returned to the pigeon and to the same state prior to being slaughtered. The pan was still full of blood and the bloodstains on my pants were still there. People would visit me to see the bloodstains on my pants and after a month, I washed it…

      Heavenly Personalities of Dahesh

      Abu Suleiman continues: On a day in 1943, I accompanied Dr. Dahesh on a visit to Trad family. As soon as we arrived to their home and before anyone opened the door for us, I saw Dr. Dahesh pass through the door as if he is made out of rays. I tried to enter, however, the door was locked, so I rang the bell, however, no one opened the door for me. After a few minutes, the house residents finally opened the door while telling me that they were very surprised to see Dr. Dahesh enter the house with the door locked and astonished to the point that they ignored the bell ringing. This was my first encounter with a Personality of Dr. Dahesh…Dr. Dahesh that passed through the wall was not Dahesh, the human, but rather one of his Personalities. Dr. Dahesh has six heavenly Personalitites…

      Dahesh healed an insane woman

      Dr. Abu Suleiman told us a story of an insane woman healed by Dr. Dahesh. He said: Najib Lyan, Director of the Publications Bureau during the presidency of Bechara El-Khoury, had an insane daughter that medicine failed to cure, so she was placed in a sanitarium…One time, Mr. Najib Layan visited Dr. Dahesh in his home after he had heard so much about his miracles and told him about his daughters’ situation… Dr. Dahesh asked him to bring his daughter and he did. While everyone was busy talking in the house of Dr. Dahesh, the young girl asked for some water, so they brought her a glass of water. As soon as she touched it, the glass exploded and she was afraid and in a panic. She started to hit the ground and slap her face…Her eyes were wide open as if she was possessed. Dr. Dahesh shouted: “Get out from her you cursed…In the name of God, get out of her.” In few seconds, her attitude changed and she calmed down. As soon as she looked around, she asked: “where am I?” When she saw her parents, she recognized them and at that point we understood that she returned to her consciousness…She married after she was healed and had children. She remains sane to this day…


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