Testimonial of Boulus (Paul) Francis


Boulus Testimonial of Boulus (Paul) Francis

      This testimonial appeared in Al-Lewa’ Magazine (Lebanese magazine), issue 94, November 16, 1964.

      Boulus Francis is Lebanese, 50 years of age and a manager at one of the commercial businesses in Beirut. He came to our offices to bring us unusual stories of miracles performed by Dr. Dahesh that he had witnessed with his own eyes.

      Boulus Francis begins his story saying:

      In one evening of 1943, we were invited to dinner at a friend’s house and Dr. Dahesh was with us. After spending a wonderful evening, it was time to leave and I was driving. Dr. Dahesh and Halim Dammous took the front seat next to me, while Dr. Fareed Abu-Suleiman took the back seat. Just like any car, I put the key in the ignition and started the engine and then I attempted to put the car in gear just like any driver would do, however, the gearbox would not engage. I would put it in first gear and it acts as if I put it in reverse. I began to sweat profusely after 15 minutes of futile attempts. I looked at Dr. Dahesh—at that time I didn’t know much about his powers—and saw him laughing and said to me: “you must be tired, go ahead and drive.” I put the car in the first gear and this time, I had no problem, so I drove off. We did not travel more than 10 meters or so before I heard Dr. Dahesh say: “flat tire.” I didn’t understand what Dr. Dahesh meant by that, however all of a sudden, I felt the steering wheel getting heavier and the car pulled towards the sidewalk. I turned the engine off and stepped out to check the tire and found it to be in a miserable shape.

      He continued his story saying:

      I tried to use the spare tire, however, I found it to be useless. At that instant, I looked at my companions and apologized for not being able to give them a ride home because of this situation. Dr. Dahesh looked me in the face and said: “Boulus, don’t you have an air-pump?” I said: I do have one, however, I don’t think it will do us any good—especially with the tire being in this condition. Dr. Dahesh responded by saying: “begin pumping air then…pump a little bit of air and it should be fine.” Without giving it any thought, I got the pump out and began to pump knowing that my efforts will be wasted. However, the tire pumped fine and we drove on it for a considerable distance without any problem.

      Boulus stopped talking for a little bit and then continued:

      As we arrived to the Tramway Street, I was supposed to turn right according to the affixed street sign, however, Dr. Dahesh told me to turn left. I said: “but it is not permitted!” He answered me: “Don’t worry, go and no one will see you.” So, I turned left and drove until I reached the Frères school where I was supposed to make another right turn, but Dr. Dahesh said: “go straight and no one will see you.” Fair enough, I drove against traffic from the Frères school to the Bourge Square [Martyrs’ Square] passing by thousands of pedestrians and hundreds of cars. Then I continued through the Sulh Square, upper Basta, and then to the Mazra’a—where Dr. Dahesh lived. We passed by several traffic policemen and no one stopped us for going against traffic. When I reached home, I started to analyze what happened to me this evening. So that I don’t spend the night thinking about this, I convinced myself to wait till morning and then check the tire again: If the tire returns to its original state, then what happened to us would have been a coincidence, however, if it remains to be in a good state…

      Then what?

      He answered: I don’t know how to analyze this incident! As a matter of fact, the tire was in a good state when I checked it the next morning!


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