July 23, 2016

What is Daheshism?

It is a new Spiritual Message of Guidance that embodies the essence of all religions, yet goes beyond any of them in order to quench the thirst of truth seekers by providing them with a unique perspective on the Universe, our existence, and purpose in life. It is a new garment for the body of traditional thought and belief. The aim of Daheshism is to provide a universal belief that encompasses all other beliefs. It accomplishes synthesis rather than fragmentation of religious beliefs and expansion rather than contraction of philosophical thought.

Who is Dahesh?

The Divine Spiritual Power known as "Christ" is the highest Spiritual Power before God. On Earth, this Power manifested itself to us in various forms, at different times, for different people, and on different missions. The most notable manifestations of Christ are the Prophets and Guides who descended to Earth in order to provide humanity with salvation and guidance. Viewed in this context, Abraham, Moses, Buddha, David, Solomon, Jesus, Muhammad, and many others were manifestations of Christ. Dahesh is the latest manifestation.

Content of This Website

This website is based on the direct teachings of Dr. Dahesh, the Beloved and Guiding Prophet and the individual selected by the Spirit to present Daheshism to the world, namely, Dr. Ghazi Brax, a disciple of the Beloved Prophet; personal accounts and testimonials of individuals who were exposed to Dahesh and Daheshism; and newspaper and magazine coverage of Dahesh and Daheshism.

If opinions or interpretations are provided, they will be labeled as such.


Dahesh Shortly Before His
Passing Away in the Early 1980s


Dahesh During a Press
Interview on June 22, 1964


Dahesh in 1966

Why the United States of America?

The connection made by Dahesh between spiritual and human values of such ideals as justice, freedom, and human rights, made him look to the United States of America as a country to be aspired after by the rest of the world. It would be a model country that can provide compassion, freedom, and justice to the world as well as to its own citizens. Because of this promise, Dahesh selected the United States to be the launching pad for his Divine Mission to the world.

US Flag

His Mission

His mission is to provide salvation for the elect; revive the spirit of Christianity;
call for the belief that all religions are of the same essence, hence, their unity;
establish a world order characterized by brotherly love, peace, justice, equality,
and compassion, where virtue, freedom, and human rights are preserved and
where science and religion are not in contradiction.

All Religions Lead to God

All religions are the same in essence and so are the various Prophets. Their Sayyals [Spiritual Fluids] of prophecy (at varying levels) are derived from a Divine Spiritual Power named Christ. For spiritual reasons, Jesus of Nazareth had the privilege of bearing the name. Religions are all necessary for humanity—just as different medicines are necessary for various diseases—as long as there are disparities in the ranks of the Sayyals of human beings. As to the superficial differences between them, some are due to false interpretations and others due to social, cultural, and environmental differences that necessitated specific rites.